Hands On Bathurst

Remedial Massage

                                                             Schedule of fees 

Service                                                      Time                          Pricing 

Remedial Massage Treatments            Half Hour                        $50

                                                                One Hour                         $85

                                                                One and a half Hours     $120


RemStone Therapy                                 Half Hour                         $60

(Remedial Hot Stone Massage)               One Hour                         $95

                                                                 One and a Half Hours        $135         


All other therapeutic treatments offered by Hands On Bathurst have variable pricing, dependant on therapeutic additions and other considerations.

For price enquiries regarding Aromatherapy, Infancy Massage Lessons, and all other treatments and products offered by Hands On Bathurst, Remedial Massage, please call 0498 184 014.


Thank You.